our first baby shower ♥

photo 3-111

It has been a loooong time since I’ve been on my little corner of the internet. I feel like I have so much to share, but I thought I’d post our little man’s baby shower pictures for now! A couple of weekends ago, my college best friends came into town to host a baby shower for me at Nonnah’s. It truly was one of the most perfect days celebrating with such sweet friends. It made me feel so special and realize how much our little man is already loved by so many. Every one of the girls in attendance has touched my life in some way and it made me so happy for them to be a part of such a precious celebration to me. Mom and I were talking about how real it became after our first shower, that I will have my bundle of joy in my arms in 2 months! {eeeek!!}

Lots of pictures to follow…

imageimage image image image image image image  image image image image image image image image imageimage  image IMG_6998  IMG_6997photo 4-97 photo 2-128 photo 1-131 photo 3-112 photo 5-86photo 4-96photo 2-126imagephoto 5-87IMG_7001imageimage

A huge thank you to my bff hostesses {Elizabeth, Mary Charles, Rachel, Natalie and Katherine} for such a beautiful shower– y’all are awesome!!!

Thank you for stopping by!! Hopefully I’ll have some more updates coming soon ♥ 

Baby McAndrews is a …

photo-44photo 3-104

Just in case you missed the announcement on Instagram, we had our Gender Reveal party over the weekend and announced that Baby McAndrews is a BOY!!! We are so in love with our baby boy already and cannot wait to wrap our arms around this sweet baby in May.

My parents hosted a beautiful party (decked out in pink and blue!) with some of our family and closest friends to celebrate our big news! We were surrounded by people we love, we got to share our wonderful news with everyone, the weather cooperated perfectly and the cake was delicious. What a beautiful and perfect night it was! We feel so blessed and know our little boy is already so loved.

Check out pictures from the party below, but beware of picture overload. Oh, and take note of our boy/girl votes of what guests thought Baby M would be… apparently the majority of people in attendance were expecting pink icing in that cake. Ha!

photo 5-84photo 3-110photo 4-95 photo 5-78

photo 1-128photo 1-121 photo 2-119

photo 2-125photo 4-90photo 1-120photo 4-91 photo 5-79 10409386_377246125775287_4674515009416554312_nphoto 1-126photo 5-83photo 3-104photo 3-103photo 3-108photo 1-125photo 3-105 photo 4-93photo 1-122photo 3-107photo-43photo 5-85photo 5-80 photo 1-123photo 2-121photo 3-106photo 1-124 photo 2-122

Being a Big Sister wore Sophie out!

Thank you to everyone for all of your congratulations and sweet comments. We love you all and are over the moon excited! ♥ 

Sharing our baby reveal photos…and a huge thank you!












We are so excited to welcome our little pumpkin May 2015!!! We want to thank you ALL for your sweet comments and warm wishes upon hearing our baby news! It means the world to us to know that we will become a family of three four {can’t forget Sophie! } with such love and support! Also, a huge thank you to Chuck’s very talented cousin, Dawn, who took the time to take these pictures and make it a whole lotta fun for us in the process.

Note: The highlighting of the color teal in these photos does not indicate the gender of baby M one way or the other! I just happen to love the color… duh😉

We are growing by two feet…


Our family is growing by two feet!!! 

Chuck and I are overjoyed to announce our good news. . .  

We are welcoming a sweet baby in MAY 2015! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful blessing and answered prayers. We are over the moon about our new addition and are already so very much in love

P.S. More cute pictures to come from our little announcement photo shoot! {And how cute are these teal Chuck Taylors??? I couldn’t resist.}


Cinque Terre

Exactly 5 years ago, Chuck and I embarked on an adventure to Italy. It was an amazing trip the two of us took together and we talk about it often. One of the places we were able to see was Cinque Terre. Holy cow, that place is incredibly gorgeous! Cinque Terre “The Five Lands” consists of 5 villages on the coast of the Italian Riviera. We stayed in the village of Riomaggiore, and after visiting the other little towns extensively, we decided we made the right choice as it is probably the least touched by tourism and has breathtaking views. Well actually, they all have breathtaking views in different ways.

The other day, I was drooling over these gorgeous Gray Malin prints on One Kings Lane. I particularly fell in love with some prints of Cinque Terre, because 1. they’re beautiful 2. it brings back memories from Chuck and my amazing adventures. Anyway, as I looked at the prints, I realized we have some very similar pictures we took ourselves! So check them out. I may have to blow our prints up and put them on display in our house. The colors just pop right out of the picture!

{my picture}


Monterosso, Cinque Terre Diptych

And here are some other pictures that we took…

{Sigh.} Take me back!! 

3 years down, a lifetime to go!



3 years ago today I married my very best friend! I can still remember the day so vividly. I remember the moment the church doors were opened and I saw my handsome man at the altar. I remember saying our vows and both of us welling up with such incredible emotion we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… so we did both😉 That day we had no idea where our journey would take us, but I’m so happy with where we’ve ended up thus far and look forward to a lifetime of happiness together.

So to my sweet hubby, the past 3 years have been an incredible ride! Not a day has gone by that I haven’t counted my lucky stars and thanked our dear Lord for blessing me with you. There have been ups and downs, but I couldn’t imagine doing this life without you. You are the one whom I bare my soul to, whom I am most open with. Thank you for being such a supportive and loving man. You have given me so much joy in my heart and I love you to absolute pieces! I am so blessed to call you my husband baby, happy anniversary!! xoxo







Annnd here are some of my favorite pictures of us and the people we love that took the time out of their busy lives to celebrate us during that special time. Thank you all for your support over the years!!




















As you can tell, we had a blast!! Thanks for stopping by and reminiscing with me:) Let the good times roll… We are off to celebrate!!

secret photos released

Brittany Lee (bridal)-36

Eeeeek we are coming up on our 3 year anniversary tomorrow!! Wow, how time has flown. I had the best time planning our wedding with my mom. As much as the wedding was all about Chuck and me, Mom and I had the best time getting all the details together throughout the planning process! We made a lot of memories and had such a fun experience with it all. Even though I couldn’t wait to marry the man of my dreams, I also savored these little moments along the way. One particularly fun day was when we went down to Mt. Pleasant at Boone Hall Plantation to take my bridal portraits. It was literally the hottest day of the summer… it hit 102° with a higher heat index {!!!!!} I would be lying if I didn’t say it was pretty brutal, but thanks to my mom for coming down with me and keeping me entertained, the day was pretty great. I also have to give a shout out to Matt Daniel {our photographer}, George {my hair and makeup artist}, Jodi at White {where I got my wedding dress} and the gorgeous backdrop of Boone Hall, the pictures would never have turned out as beautiful as they did🙂 And as these photos were secret at one point, I just can’t believe I forgot to share these after we got married! So, in honor of our 3 year anniversary I’m sharing them with you now!

Brittany Lee (bridal)-25

Brittany Lee (bridal)-28

Brittany Lee (bridal)-30

Brittany Lee (bridal)-37

Brittany Lee (bridal)-7

Brittany Lee (bridal)-12

Brittany Lee (bridal)-15

Brittany Lee (bridal)-50

Brittany Lee (bridal)-49

Brittany Lee (bridal)-47

Brittany Lee (bridal)-46

Brittany Lee (bridal)-76

Brittany Lee (bridal)-78

Brittany Lee (bridal)-79

Brittany Lee (bridal)-84

Brittany Lee (bridal)-85

Brittany Lee (bridal)-89

Brittany Lee (bridal)-92

Brittany Lee (bridal)-93

Brittany Lee (bridal)-92

Brittany Lee (bridal)-112

Brittany Lee (bridal)-115

Brittany Lee (bridal)-127

Brittany Lee (bridal)-122

Brittany Lee (bridal)-135


Hope y’all have a fabulous week!! 

a charleston getaway

photo 2-114

photo 1-116

A few weeks ago I packed myself and Sophie up and headed down to good ol’ Charleston, SC. It was a middle of the week kind of trip that was oh so needed. Chuck left for work and I was in need of some girl time… So what better place than Charleston, where one of my bff’s lives, for some R&R. I talked mom and my sister into coming down for the day with me to lunch and shop {let’s face it, it never takes much convincing to visit Charleston!} while my friend Rachel worked.

photo 3-99

We went to Five Loaves for some delicious lunch. We were all obsessed with our lunches so this little place has officially earned a spot on our Charleston lunch rotation. Devine, I tell you.

After lunch, we shopped it up and then they drove back home while I stayed a couple of nights with Rachel. What a blessing this girl is! She welcomed me with open arms and was the perfect hostess. Never a bad time with this girl… Even while working during the day she made sure I had plenty of ideas and activities to set my sights on. And of course, we had happy hour and dinner once all that “work stuff” was done.😉

photo 5-75

photo 4-87

We hit up Fuel for Mexican and some margs. They have such a cool outside seating area.


photo 1-119


I always visit Dellz Vibez for a yummy smoothie. I may have gone there 3 times this visit…. My favorites so far include Spicy Coco Boy, The Diesel, Halla Berry

photo 2-117

King street shopping is a blast, always.

photo 5-77

photo 3-102

I grabbed a salad from Verde to-go and headed to Sullivan’s Island for some beach time.

photo 4-88

photo 2-115

photo 3-100

On the way back from the beach, I passed by the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market and decided to stop by. It was very festive with people perusing all the vendors and a live band playing.

photo 5-76

photo 1-117

I wandered the market, talked with some local vendors and tried a couple yummy treats. i.e. King of Pops {blackberry mojito} and Cannonborough local soda {I got honey basil…delicious and refreshing blend of local honey, fresh basil and lime juice}… Both home runs!

photo 1-118 photo 2-116

I also got to see some other sweet friends, Logan and Melissa, for happy hour!! Love these girls:) You may remember I posted about both of their gorgeous weddings here and here. We went to a new place called Leon’s for happy hour and dinner. Dinner was great but the company was even better! P.S. try their Rosé if you find yourself there. So yummy!

photo 3-101

And grabbed a Glazed doughnut on the way out for my sister. Delish!!

This trip proved to be just what the doctor ordered! 

berry pickin’


This summer, we’ve been on a major blueberry pickin’ kick. There’s a local blueberry patch we just discovered called Blue Heaven U-Pick Blueberry Patch that produced the sweetest berries I’ve had… you need to check them out next summer if you’re local. {Unfortunately a recent storm made them close the last couple weeks left in the season} The blueberries are wayyyyy better than the grocery stores and wayyyyy cheaper! What is it about a good summer blueberry pickin’ that will lift your spirits?? Every time we went, the weather was perfect and we came home with pounds and pounds of blueberries. But be prepared to get sweaty, a little beaten up and covered in blueberries.😉

IMG_1482IMG_1477IMG_1480IMG_1481 IMG_1486 IMG_1479IMG_1484 IMG_1488

Some tips for picking the best blueberries:

Don’t pick the ones that don’t just fall off the branch when barely touched. The blueberry guy said to “tickle” the vine and the ones that are just right will fall right off.

Pick ones where the stem isn’t all green. There should be a little purple/blue hue at the end of the stem.

Have fun!!! It’s such a fun summer experience and I think everyone should do it:)

P.S. how is the weekend already over…..and how is it already August!? Whew this summer is flying! 

a little piece of paradise: part two & a happy birthday wish to my hubby


Morning friends! First and foremost, I want to wish the love of my life and very best friend, my hubby, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am beyond blessed to call this man my own and could not be more thankful for this oh so happy day!!! I love you!!!

I want to share some more pictures with you of our beach vacation at Topsail Island, NC. To catch up on part one, check it out here!

Some of my favorite scenes below.

photo 4-73photo 5-65photo 5-70photo 1-109photo 2-108photo 5-73

So the ocean is usually calm in the morning and then by the afternoon the waves are big enough to get a good ride on the surf board. I caught a shot of Chuck and my cousin surfing, but no one got one of me😦 So much fun though!

photo 1-115photo 2-113

Then by late afternoon, the waves pick up and get kind of rough so the guys go to town body surfing.

photo 4-85 photo 3-96

Me and sis.

photo 2-111IMG_1470

We love our daily happy hour on the beach with some jams and beach games:)

photo 1-112  photo 3-93photo 1-111photo 3-91

And of course, every year we take family pictures on the beach. Fun fact: my mom has a picture of me, my brother and sister from every single year we have gone to Topsail, which is ALOT. {plus Chuck whenever he has been able to make the beach!} They are all lined up on the fridge and serve as a reminder of what fun times we have there.

photo 5-71 photo 4-83 photo 3-94 photo 2-109 photo 1-110

Annual Topsail Island pics… maybe one day I’ll post all the years.

photo 1-107 photo 2-106

Waiting for dinner with beer and margaritas in hand. Duh.

photo 5-68photo 1-104

We rarely go out to dinner at the beach, but the couple of times we do, we splurge on local seafood {which may or not be fried😉 } It’s fun to walk the docks and check out the shrimp boats while we wait for our table. photo 4-77photo 3-88 image-3 image-2 image-1


Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a great rest of the week… halfway to the weekend!